Directed by Brad Hall

Generosity of Eye is the surprising story of a major art collection transforming into education for African American kids in the Harlem Children's Zone. It is the very personal tale of actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus discovering how her father William's passions for art, justice and education collide in a single act of generosity.

Watch the film with HEADPHONES so that you don't miss Steve Rashid's wonderful original score, and on a BIG SCREEN (if you can!) so that you don't miss Nelson Hume's spectacular cinematography.

Film Credits:

Directed by Brad Hall
Produced by Brad Hall, Julie R. Snyder and Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Edited by Shon Hedges
Original Music Composed by Steve Rashid
Cinematography by Nelson Hume
Production Sound by Ben Posnack
Harlem Children's Zone coordinator Marty Lipp
Additional Photography and Video Footage by Tom Wood, Shaun Gillen and Josh Davis